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    Justin Erickson

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    Senior Pastor, Harvest Fountain Hills, ArizonaJustin Erickson grew up in Fort Walton Beach, Florida in an atheist home, where Christianity appeared to him to be nothing more than a joke, until at the age of 18 God powerfully shattered his empty, sin-loving pursuit of pleasure with the forgiveness and transformation of Christ.  Less than a year after the radical change that took place in his life, Justin left his pursuit of a career in sports medicine to answer the call of God on his life to make Christ known in full time pastoral ministry.  In 1994, he moved to Southern California to attend the Master's College where he met his wife Jana, and continued on at the Master's Seminary.  Justin, along with his wife Jana, has five wonderful children (Emma, Ashlyn, Ty, Janie, and Alathea.), and after pastoring in California, Ohio, and Nebraska, entered the Harvest Training Center with the intent of planting a church on the west coast.  A replant church opportunity came to Harvest Bible Fellowship and Pastor Justin joined this group of believers and established Harvest Fountain Hills, AZ on September 14, 2014.

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    • RT @breusswane: RT @BurkParsons: Grace continually overflows from those whom it continues to overwhelm.
      HBC Fountain Hills
      1 week ago
    • “@Joe_Stowell: Just be yourself?That's the farthest thing I want to be. On my own, I'm fallen, broken, and selfish. I want to be like Jesus.
      HBC Fountain Hills
      1 week ago
    • “@albertmohler: A Houston woman “married” herself -- why the redefinition of marriage will have no end. #TheBriefing”
      HBC Fountain Hills
      2 months ago
    • “@albertmohler: Great humbling word for all preachers from John Knox. (Printed program of #JAXPC2015 )”
      HBC Fountain Hills
      3 months ago
    • @greglaurie Beware of evening temptations. The sun is down but sin is up. We need a watchman for the night as well as a guardian for the day
      HBC Fountain Hills
      5 months ago

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